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Hi readers and writers. We've already discussed the benefits of journal writing by hand. Journal writing has so many benefits. It can help you stay organized, reach goals, make important decisions, etc...

We've created a collection of guided journals, available exclusively at, to help you fall in love with journaling (again), and reach your desired goals.

Our daily food journal is a 90-page half-letter-sized journal. It is compact enough to carry with you at all times. Logging meals daily has been proven to help people from all walks of life achieve health and fitness goals more quickly and efficiently.

Did you know that sticking to an exact workout routine for 4-6 weeks is more efficient than constantly changing workouts? I know there is a lot of information out there, and new workouts to try each day. However, simple workouts yield amazing results. With our daily workout log, you can easily write your daily exercises down weeks in advance. That way you'll have definiteness of purpose each day, and will surely get the results you desire, quickly and easily.

Lately, I've been doing this thing where at the beginning and end of each day, I evaluate what I'm truly grateful for. Doing so has helped my overall daily morale and thus my productivity. My relationships with everyone around me have improved tremendously. I can go on and on. Our 111-page gratitude journal is a wonderful guide to helping you unpack all the goodness in your life and put it in words. This journal also makes a great gift for adolescents!

There are people on this earth who plan their lives days, weeks, sometimes years in advance based on what they decipher in their dream state. It's true. Our dreams are usually a direct reflection of what's occurring in our subconscious minds. Writing dreams down is a great way to remember, and analyze dreams. Even if you haven't remembered a dream in years, just give it a try. Keep this journal at your bedside, and write into it each morning. I guarantee you'll start remembering your dreams, and you'll be fascinated when the journal is complete.

Thank you for reading and for allowing us to help guide you along your journey. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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