9 Challenges of the writing life and ways to overcome them

Writer's block is a common challenge that writers face. However, it's certainly not the only one. Many writers have difficulty sharing their completed creations due to several reasons. In turn, they don't achieve the success that they don't reach for and never reach anyone at all. Read on for some of the most common challenges of writing life and how to overcome them.

1. Lack of ideas

You want to write but can't think of anything to write... If you can't find the words, find the inspiration. Go in nature and write about what you see. Read. Allowing words in is the simplest way to generate words out. Allow other writers to help you come up with ideas. Lastly, a simple google search can easily generate several writing ideas for you to create with. Take advantage of the times.

2. Environmental challenges

Environment is everything. An uncomfortable environment can affect the way you feel and think, and therefore produce. Loud or busy environments pull away at your energy. If you live in an environment with children, you probably know this all too well. Improve your environment. Declutter. Create a space just for you. Go somewhere outside of your home to write such as a friend's house or anywhere else you can get the peace that you need.

Relocate if you have to. You can change the dynamics of your home rather easily but sometimes the issue is a bit more complicated than moving things around. Sometimes a real change of location is absolutely necessary for productivity. If this is the case, plan to relocate even it is simply to a new home in the same area. The smallest change can make all the difference. Give change a chance.

3. Lack of confidence

Many writers face issues of not feeling good enough in an ever-growing field. Confidence is key. Confidence actually trumps talent. You can be the best writer in the world but without the confidence to write and share, no one will know. If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around, does it even make a sound?

With a lack of confidence, it tends to be hard for others to support and value your work because it gives the impression that you don’t value your work. Understand that you are valuable and so is your work. Know your worth and put it on paper! As within, so without...

4. Competition

There are A LOT of writers in the world but not all writers reach success. This has nothing to do with talent. Many talented writers give up before finding their niche. They fear they will never make a living, and so they don't. They feel there's too much competition in the field.

The reality is there's competition in every field. This means there is so much opportunity to learn from others and offer more value. There's also a lot of opportunity in picking up where quitters left off. Never let what's going on with others cloud your vision. There's always an opportunity where you show up for it. The battle is always with yourself.

5. Money worries

As stated above, many writers fear they will never make a living writing. Those who worry more about making a living than creating one usually fail. They are more concerned with money than their creation or service. They attach their confidence to money being made or clientele being signed, and any changes in either can affect their productivity. Don't worry about the money. Money works for you, it will come around. Just create, budget, plan. Work smart, not hard. Everything will work out.

6. Lifestyle

Have you ever felt like you had all the drive in the world but no gas? That’s likely your body's gas light coming on. Writers live in their heads so much that they oftentimes neglect their bodies. Leading a healthful lifestyle is a great way to ensure that your brain will be functioning accordingly and thus won't run out of creative juices.

Stay hydrated. Exercise regularly. Eat foods that are good to your body. Healthy bodies and healthy minds usually go hand in hand.

7. Isolation

One of my favorite books is the cult classic "48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene. In this book, Greene gives a detailed list of 48 very helpful life tips or laws for those who want to expand. Law 18 is: Don't isolate yourself behind a fortress. Isolation is dangerous. Isolation cuts you off from the information you may need and people who could help you.

Writers can easily get caught up in their own worlds. Sometimes this is amazing for creativity. Just don't forget to come out for air. There's no quicker road to destruction than wrapping oneself all into oneself while forgetting the world. That's when walls begin to close in, and creativity jumps out of the window.

8. Perfectionism

Many people struggle with perfectionism. The irony of it all is perfectionism can dramatically hold creators back. Most creators only want to release what they feel is their best work. Which ultimately leads to their undoing. As creators, it's not productive to be our own critics. We are not our audience. What a writer may think completely sucks initially, may very well be some of their best work according to their audience.

Understand that your work is perfect just the way it is. Release it and let your audience decide what they think. Worst case scenario is you will improve from the feedback you receive.

9. Fear

It all boils down to fear. Fear of criticism. Fear of lack. Fear of failure. Fear of flying, etc. Fear is the most challenging component of life.

The best way to combat fear is to do something anyway. Never be held back from your own thoughts or the thoughts of others. Our challenges in life are our greatest teachers. Allow them to do so. You got this!