6 Ways to Read on a Budget

Reading is a wonderful hobby and a healthy habit for those who read daily. Reading is not only entertaining but also improves brain activity, reduces stress, helps fight depression, prevents cognitive decline, etc.

Keeping a steady supply of books, however, can get quite expensive. Here are 5 ways to read anything from classics to new releases totally free.

1. Borrow from the library

Some of my fondest memories involve going to the library as a child all the time. Sometimes I would go with my family and read for hours, then get books to take home. The library will always have a special place in my heart. Borrowing books from the library is not only free but beneficial for authors and communities.

These days, there are many convenient ways to borrow from libraries. Most libraries now offer ebook titles to borrow. Download the Libby or OverDrive app, find your local library, enter your library card number and start enjoying free books right away!

2. Kindle, Apple, and Google Books

Amazon offers a wide selection of ebooks for free with its Kindle app. Amazon Prime members can choose up to one free book each month through Amazon First Reads ( non-Prime customers can purchase one book monthly for the reduced price of $1.99). With the Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can access nearly any ebook for just 9.99 per month.

Apple and Google also offer free books through Apple Books and Google Play Books. Apple Books can be accessed on IOS devices. Upon opening Apple Books just scroll down to "More to Explore" then "Browse free Books"

3. Project Gutenburg

I just found out about this amazing website called Project Gutenburg. Similar to Amazon, Project Gutenburg offers free books that are out of copyright. Here you can download ebooks in many different formats, and many different languages. They also have audiobooks!

4. Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries can be found all over the nation. They look like little bird homes but are actually registered libraries. Find a Little Free Library near you and leave a book to take a book. 🙂

5. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a great way to get quality, print books for cheap. Books can be found at thrift stores in great condition and for a fraction of their original price. Many thrift stores have books available for less than $1. I've found so many amazing books at thrift stores. Or as I always say, they found me.

6. YouTube

YouTube is packed with free audiobooks. Sometimes the book may be adjusted just a tad for copyright purposes. For instance, soft music may be added to the background. Or a different narrator will read the book. Which makes it free and legal. YouTube is a great way to discover new books. Some of my favorite books ever started off as YouTube suggestions.

Reading can be just as free as it is fun. I hope this list gave you some helpful ideas. Happy reading!

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